Fire Truck Slide

$420.00 / day

Perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Private Backyard Events


Ignite the spirit of adventure with the “Fire Truck Slide,” a towering inflatable marvel designed for up to 3 little heroes. Standing proudly at a height of 22′, this thrilling slide takes the form of a vibrant firetruck, setting the stage for an imaginative and exhilarating descent. Children can climb aboard and slide down as if on a heroic rescue mission, experiencing the joy of play in the guise of their favorite emergency vehicle. The Fire Truck Slide combines the excitement of sliding with the imaginative world of firefighting, creating a memorable and immersive adventure for young daredevils. Choose this inflatable masterpiece for a blaze of fun and laughter in a firetruck-inspired playtime!

Size of Area Required:?34′ x 17′ 24′

Capacity:?3 Children

Circuits Required: 1