Smiley Crayon 4 in 1 Combo

$371.00 /day

This inflatable is TSSA Certified!

Perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • School Events
  • Youth Group Events
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
  • Events held in public spaces
  • Events with 100 attendees or more


Introducing the “Smiley Crayon 4 in 1 Combo” inflatable, a delightful play haven designed for up to 8 children to revel in imaginative play. This vibrant inflatable showcases a cheerful, oversized smiley face that sets the stage for a world of joy. Mega crayons adorn the structure, creating an enchanting atmosphere for young artists to bounce, slide, and explore. The inflatable’s versatility shines with its integrated slide, bounce area, and a basketball net for added sports excitement, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for every participant. Unleash the creative energy and boundless fun with the Smiley Crayon 4 in 1 Combo; where laughter meets imagination in a colorful adventure! This inflatable is TSSA Certified.

Size of Area Required: 24′ x 22′ x 16′

Capacity: 8

Circuits Required: 1