Princess 5 – Princess Palace Combo 5 in 1

$373.00 / day

Perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Private Backyard Events


Step into a magical realm with the “Princess 5 – Princess Palace Combo 5 in 1,” an enchanting inflatable that brings fairy tale dreams to life for up to 8 royal participants. This regal palace combines a whimsical bounce area and a majestic slide, creating the perfect playground for aspiring princesses and princes. The inflatable palace is adorned with delightful Disney princess pictures on the outside, setting the stage for a magical experience. Inside, participants can navigate pop-up obstacles and showcase their royal basketball skills with an integrated basketball net. Let imaginations soar and royal adventures unfold in the Princess Palace Combo 5 in 1 ? where every bounce, slide, and royal proclamation creates memories fit for a fairy tale!

Size of Area Required: 24′ x 19′ x 16′

Capacity:? 8

Circuits Required: 1