Big Stinka

$310.00 / day

You’ve been able to get the Poop emoji in hats, sheets, pillows, coffee, cups, cushions and much more.  NOW,  be the first to rent the Poop Jumper, also known as the Pile of Poo inflatable in our brand new pile of fun.

Dimensions: 18′ x 18′

Capacity: 6 Children

Outlets Required: ONE


Price for Weekend (Delivered): $310.00 + tax/delivery

Pick up Price: $225.00 + tax

Pick up Friday in CALEDONIA between 9am and 3pm and Monday 9am – 3pm

*A pick up truck is needed for pick up

**A $50.00 cleaning fee will be charged if the bouncer is returned dirty, full of grass, leaves, garbage, food, gum, and facepaint.