48″ Towable BBQ with Storage

$315.00 / day

Perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • BBQs
  • Sports Events
  • School Events
  • Youth Group Events
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Events
  • Carnivals
  • Fun Fairs


Introducing the 48″ Towable Propane BBQ with Storage, a versatile grilling solution perfect for various occasions such as sports games, corporate BBQs, private parties, and tailgating. This BBQ, available for convenient delivery or pickup, operates on two propane tanks, each available for purchase at $50+HST. Boasting an impressive cooking capacity, it can cook up to 367 burgers or 280 New York Rib Steaks per hour, making it ideal for large gatherings.

Equipped with storage compartments and shelves, this BBQ not only delivers culinary excellence but also offers practicality with ample space for utensils, condiments, and more. The included trailer features a 2″ ball hitch for easy towing, adhering to all applicable motor vehicle safety standards for a secure and compliant grilling experience on the go.

Requires 2 propane tanks (not included)

A $30 cleaning fee will be added to all BBQ and grill rentals


Lighting Instructions:



1. Prior to lighting the grill always fill the pans under the unit with water. You must

keep water in the pans at all times while in use. Water will evaporate while

cooking so refill the water pans with water during cooking if needed.

2. If you have a MCB model unit mount one, or two, standard size 20 lb. propane

tanks to the back of the unit. MCB-30, MCB-36 hold one tank, MCB-48, MCB-60,

MCB-72 hold two tanks. The foot of the tank rests in the lower bracket, and the

upper bracket slides on to the top ring of the tank to hold the tanks on the unit.

3. There are hose hangers under the rear legs of the unit to hang the gas hoses on

when not in use. Please hang the hoses on the hangers under the rear legs of

the unit during transportation.


1. Connect the gas hose(s) to the propane tanks. Make sure the green nut on the

gas hose/regulator is securely tightened to the tank.

2. Open hood(s)/dome(s) on the grill.

3. Ensure that all valve knobs (black knobs) are in the OFF position (clockwise).

4. Turn on the gas supply valve(s) slowly. WAIT 15 SECONDS. (Do not crack open

tank valve like you would a water faucet. Open valve on tanks slowly.)

5. Turn the lighter tube (pilot red knob) valve to the ON position. (Note: two lighter

tubes are on units that hold two tanks – one for the left side and one for the right

side). Insert a long stick type lighter into the hole provided on the end of the grill.

There is a hole on each end. You need to light both sides of the unit for units with

two tanks.

6. Visually check to ensure the lighter tube is burning.

Once the lighter tube has been lit the main burners will ignite off of the lighter

tube when they are turned on. (Push in black knobs and turn to high) The unlit

burners will then light automatically.

7. Visually check to ensure that all burners that are intended to be ON are lit.

8. Adjust individual burners as desired.


1. Ensure all gas control knobs are in the off position.

2. Turn off gas valves on propane tanks, disconnect gas hoses from propane tanks,

and remove tanks from unit. Hang gas hoses in hose hangers located under rear

legs of unit.

3. Empty water pans of water and debris. Be careful as these pans will remain hot

for some time after the unit has been turned off.

Before pick up/return of unit:

Please be sure that ALL pieces of BBQ are present

Additional information

Dimensions 6525560723 × 65255200724 cm