Charcoal Pig Spit

$180.00 / day

There is nothing like a pig cooked over a charcoal fire ………. This spit will do that job.  Use for pig, goat, chicken, lamb or more!

Strong steel construction and all stainless 304 roasting pole and clamps ensure that your roast does not end up in the fire! Use over a BBQ, fire pit or firebox. The adjustable height tripod stand makes allowances for uneven ground and adapts to ensure perfect roasting. Folds flat for easy storing and transporting – take it to the beach, camping, tailgating or back yard party.

Made in North America, the sturdy stainless steel pole, prongs and clamps keep your roast secure and looking great during roasting over your fire pit or fire box.

  • 1” Diameter Pole x 60″ , 2 – 304 Stainless Steel Spine Clamps & 2 Four Prongs Clamps hold your pig/meat in place
  • 1” heavy gauge steel, galvanized stands with powder coated central support
  • 21-36 inch height adjustable tripod stand
  • The average cook time is 10lbs per hour (depends on wind and weather)

  • Lump charcoal is recommended – 8kg of charcoal is approx. 1 hour of cooking (wind and weather dependent)

Capable of roasting a 150 lb. pig



Dimensions: 60″ x 21″-36″

**A $30.00 cleaning fee will be charged as well

*Uses one power outlet

What size pig do I need?

We recommend ordering 1 lb of pig per guest for a dinner function where the pork will be the main protein. Typically, whole pigs yield 50% meat. On average we recommend a ½ pound portion of meat per guest. Therefore, a 60lb pig will yield approx. 30lb of meat or 60 8oz portions.