Top Doc

$226.00 / day

Remember Operation – well this is a Giant version of that game where players must use giant tongs to skillfully remove items from the patient’s body.  Be careful though – touch the side with the tongs and a buzzer will sound and you will have to start all over again!  Great for School functions, Corporate Parties, Stag & Does or Festivals

Stag & Does:  Challenge your friends!  Charge each player $5.00 a try.  Players must get all of the pieces out without sounding off the buzzer.  If they touch the sides and the buzzer goes off than                                 their turn is done.  They must pay another $5.00 to try again.  If the player removes all of the pieces without sounding off the buzzer than they win a prize of your choosing.

Two Levels of Difficulty to choose from.


Great for ages 10 and up


Size:  3 x 4′

Outlets Required: ONE