Splash Blast

$325.00 / day

The Dunk Tank alternative has arrived! Our new Splash Blast is designed to be a fun and unique alternative to the dunk tank. Sit down behind the protective Ball Shield as participants try to hit the target with a variety of round objects. Once the target is hit it ignites a water filled air blast soaking you with water and cold air. The blast of water surrounds the “Splash Victim” from the floor up in a curtain of water that peaks out, about 12′ and then cascades down on the participant like a waterfall. As soon as the blast is finished the system re-sets itself immediately so that it is ready for the next blast.

*Does not come with balls/bean bags

STAG & DOES:  Sell balls or bean bags (3 for $5 or 8 for $10) and have the buyers of them throw them at the target in the hopes of hitting it and sending an awesome spray of water at the poor soul  sitting in the hot seat.  **Make even more money if the Groom will be the one on the hot seat!    This game will really bring some excitement to your Stag & Doe!!!!  People will be talking about it for awhile.

Size :  4′ x 4′ x 7′


Soft Ball: (most common) Use approved soft balls or T-balls (do not use baseballs) to simulate the feel of a real dunk tank atmosphere.


Nerf Gun: Yes you can use a Nerf Gun to trigger the target, Bring the game to a whole new level.


Water Balloon: For an extra hot day make your contestants throw water balloons at the target. Not only is it fun to watch them throw the balloons, but it adds a layer of difficulty.


Bean Bags:  Use bean bags for the places where you may not want to use balls.