Pie in the Face Game

$58.00 each

Want to bring a crowd-pleasing, rip roaring good time to your Stag & Doe or Event?  This one is all the rage!  It is a game of chance and luck all rolled into one! The mystery handle will click when you least expect it and cover the contestants face with whipped cream.

First, fill your pie plate with whipped cream or shaving cream, place it on the plate holder, randomly set your mystery handle and than decide on how you will play the game.

Game Options:  Great Idea for Stag & Does

  1. Game Show :  Have a series of trivia questions.  Two players go head to head to answer first.  The player who does not get the right answer must sit at The Pie In The Face and take their  chance with the mystery handle to see if he/she will be lucky or pied in the face!!! If both players get the wrong answer each must take a turn and cross their fingers!!!
  2. Roll A Dice:  Players roll a dice. The player with the lowest number must click their handle that number of times!  Great for large groups!!
  3. Sit n’ Click:  Each player must alternate taking turns at clicking the handle, once pied in the face he/she is out.  The player left standing without being pied in the face WINS!!

* Price is based on one station.  Two may be rented for the two player games.