Apple Cider Press

$315.00 /weekend

Perfect for:

  • Home Hobbyists
  • BBQs
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers


Introducing our Apple Cider Press, a meticulously crafted, Mennonite Hand-Made apparatus designed for creating delicious, fresh apple cider. Elevate your autumn gatherings or events with the authentic and traditional experience of pressing your own cider using this high-quality press. Crafted with precision, this press allows you to transform freshly picked apples into a flavorful beverage, providing a unique and hands-on activity for your guests. Ensure a memorable and wholesome experience at your gatherings with the charm and functionality of our Mennonite Hand-Made Apple Cider Press.

Rent it for the weekend for only $300.00 plus tax!

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5'4" Long, 2'1" Wide, 5' Tall