Tic Tac Toe/ 4 In A Row

$198.00 / day

Everyones favorite game can now be played in an inflatable version! This Giant sized X’s and O’s will be fun for the whole family. Can be used both indoors and out, be the first to get three in a row and you win!

Size: 10′ l x 8.5′ w x 12′ h

2 Games In 1!  Both of these Interactive Games are classics and a must have for any School Fun Fair or Festival!

Tic Tac Toe:  Challenge your opponent and see if one of you can trick the other and get 3 in a row horizontally, diagonally or across!  Simple, fun and challenging!

4 In A Row:  An inflatable version of Connect 4 where two players square off taking turns in placing their colour on the board.  The first one to strategically get four of their colour in a row either                             horizontally, vertically or diagonally WINS!

Size of Area Required:  10’w x 8′ 5’’w x 12’h

Outlets Required:  ONE