Pig Out Roaster/Rotisserie

$276.00 / day

WOW your guests and allow them to enjoy the aroma! Perfect for a whole crackling pig, hip of beef, rotisserie chicken, roast lamb and full BBQ. Is able to roast a 150 lb. pig!  Includes a 60″ roasting pole and clamps to secure 150 lbs. of meat.

Requires an outlet and one standard size 20 lb. propane tank (not included)

Price: $262.50 / day*

Size:  74 x 28 x 45″

  • Fully automated – plug and go

  • 15-20lb an hour cook time

  • 7hrs of cooking per 20lb propane tank

  • Smoke and fume free

  • Carve directly off the roaster

  • Easy to maneuver over all terrains with large 10” tires

*A $30 cleaning fee will be charged as well

What size pig do I need?

We recommend ordering 1 lb of pig per guest for a dinner function where the pork will be the main protein. Typically, whole pigs yield 50% meat. On average we recommend a ½ pound portion of meat per guest. Therefore, a 60lb pig will yield approx. 30lb of meat or 60 8oz portions.