Lucky Code

$50.00 / day

This game is a great money maker at Stag & Does!  It has the potential to rake in a lot of dough if you are willing to offer a fantastic prize inside!  The object is to sell off coeds to unlock the lock on the mini door.  You can sell them for $5 each or 3 for $10 as long as the prize they win inside warrants spending the money to buy the code than you could even do $10 each or 3 for $20 if you are willing to give away a large expensive prize. (if an expensive prize is donated like a t.v. or i-phone for example) than this would work.  Air Bounce programs the winning code and than provides you with the winning combo.  100 labels are given to you each containing a code (one will be the winner) If you think that you would need more than 100 than an extra 100 would be an additional $10 and so on.  If at the end of the night the winning code is not purchased than you may choose to let your attendants know and begin auctioning it off and score even more $$$

*includes 100 code labels

Additional 100 labels -$10