Big Baller


Currently NOT Available

Ever watched the show WIPEOUT?  This is very similar to it where the player must try to get to the other side of the game by trying to jump/run over the four inflatable giant balls on to the opposite platform.   If the player doesn’t make it than he/she will fall into the zero shock ball pit.  The zero shock pit is cushioned and is just like falling into water, making it very safe and worry free.

This interactive may look very easy, but beware ……. it is definitely a challenge you will want to try!  And for those who do not think they have what it takes  ……. it is just as fun to watch the players try!!


**Mandatory Attendant Required at an additional cost

Size of Area Required:  46′ x 25′ x 13′

Capacity:  1 player at a time

Outlets Required:  TWO